Expert Power Flushing Services for the Stockport and Manchester Area... 

Power flushing is an essential process to ensure the efficient running and life span of you boiler and heating system. We are Kamco trained and have been using Kamco products to flush out heating systems for over a decade. 
Older boilers and heating systems can develop sludge over time, this needs to be removed to allow water circulation and operation of pumps and valves. We can use thermal imaging cameras and laser thermometers to identify cold spots. This allows us to work on those areas and assure the job is done completely. 
New boilers rely on good water quality to maintain their good working order. Most problems on new boilers are down to bad water quality. If you have a new boiler with a long warranty this may be cut short if the water quality is in inadequate. 
Depending on the size and condition of the system a power flush can take a full day. If a system is in a particularly bad way, we can treat the system up to 2 weeks before we flush. 
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